Hi! I'm so glad you dropped by my website to see if I write anything worth reading. Your coming here will be like picking petals off a daisy . . .  you are either going to love my writing . . .  or hate it and never come back! Oh, I do hope you give me a chance to make you forget your problems because mine were worse!

I decided to write my memoirs because it's what I know best! And, I like remembering the good ole days of riding my bike all over Oakley, Cincinnati and not worrying about being kidnapped and molested.  You may realize my disappointments were probably worse than yours & my good days weren't as good.

What shocked me the most was how many timesJesus was right there in the shadows cheering this little shy girl on. He blessed me through kind people . . . and I didn't even know it. And, the ones who weren't so kind, well, I'm still trying to forgive.

I've written 49 short stories so far so pick a title on the right of this letter that looks interesting to you. It will take you to that story and all the other stories I wrote are either above or below it. Whatever you pick will be a good thing.