ABOUT ME (kathy storrie)



I am a former elementary school teacher and missionary

to the deaf & blind in Florida along side my wonderful husband

Sandy (Tom) Storrie. I am from Ohio and he is from New Mexico

and we met in New Orleans, LA at seminary. We have one son,

Bryce, who is going to ITT (computer school) in Cincinnati, Ohio. 


After retirement in 2010 I discovered I loved to write. I wrote an

Appalachian love story based on my Kentucky grandparents. It's

called FANNIE & WILKE: For the Love of a Country Girl.

(That's a picture of Fannie above.)


Here is a snippet of FANNIE & WILKE:

 After the hefty preacher waited ten minutes in the shade of the

parsonage he took out a big white hanky and wiped his sweaty

face. "Where's your bride, Wilke?"he asked, "I don't have all day!"


Wilke looked around the yard and spotted Fannie playing with the

cats under the weeping willow tree. "There she is, parson! That's her

under the tree!"


The parson squinted over his spectacles at the dark haired beauty while

five cats followed her toward the barn. "You mean you're marrying

that child?"


"Yes sir, she's the only one fer me!" Wilke said with a smile. "I'll go fetch her!"


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Writing memoirs can be risky but it's very therapeutic for me. My

first memoir began in Heaven before I was sent to live on Earth.

It's called "PICK ME!" 

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When I finish a troubling memoir I can relate to the famous painting

 of the single set of footprints in the sand... Jesus was often carrying me and

I didn't know it back then but I do now!    Thank you Jesus!


FootPrints in Sand by  tom rydquist     creative commons   flickr

FootPrints in Sand by tom rydquist    creative commons   flickr