God Wants You Back





            God the Father lives in Heaven where He sits part of the time on a real throne that is in the center of the throne room. Jesus, His Son, sits next to Him to the right. When God and Jesus want to talk in private, Jesus steps inside His Father and they swirl together as one.

            Wonderful waves of love flow from the throne so powerful that the millions of angels and people fall to the marble floor, worshiping God for as long as they want. Some people stay in the throne room for days, weeks, and months because the experience is so wonderful they don’t want to leave. God is glad they’re back home and He doesn’t mind them hanging around. The throne room is a huge circular room and it automatically expands or shrinks according to how many occupants.

            What does God look like? He looks like a man. He made us in His image, so He has a torso, arms, legs, and a head with a face and hair. His normal height is about 350 feet. He can shrink to any size when it’s necessary. He doesn’t stay in the throne room, but He rides His white horse Thunder to other planets and galaxies with His Son by His side who rides on His horse, Lightning. They are checking things out for the future when every child of God is safely home in Heaven.

Photo by Akiane Kramarik

Photo by Akiane Kramarik

            What does Jesus look like? He radiates pure love when you look into His deep blue eyes! He is over six feet tall, wide carpenter shoulders and he has shoulder length, hair that changes color. He is muscular, very handsome and laughs a lot. The Son of God has three favorite things: flowers, sweets, and dancing. When a new person enters Heaven, He meets them at the transit drop-off and takes them to the throne room to present them back to God. God is so happy and excited they are back home in Heaven He has a celebration party with dancing and eating pizza, cake and ice cream made with light!

            God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, Angels and all the saints in Heaven do not have organs, skeleton, muscles, nor blood. God has another huge, secret world inside of Him with meadows filled with every kind of flower, snow-capped mountains for sledding, deep woods full of unique animals like unicorns, fun hills to climb, caves to collect gems, falling snow to make snowmen, summer rain to walk, and crystal rivers and lakes to explore.

             Before God made the Earth, He and the Word (Jesus) created trillions of baby spirits, each with their own, exclusive personality. He kept them safe inside Him where they played, swam and splashed in the river of God, making eternal friends. The pool bottoms were covered with sparkling, smooth gems of every color in Heaven. This could be why many of us love things that sparkle.  


             God waited for us to say, “Pick Me God!” When it was time, He picked a baby spirit to go to Earth. He reminded the spirit how much he loved them, and He would miss them. He also told the baby spirit they would be able to come back to Heaven one day if they wanted to live with Him forever.  

            He chose the guardian angel according to the baby spirit’s personality and likes. As soon as the baby spirit’s mother conceived, the guardian angel took it to earth and put it inside her womb. The guardian angel would stay beside the mother to guard the baby spirit. When the mother gave birth to the physical baby, the tiny spirit was already inside and looks just like the flesh baby.

            Each person has two guardian angels that take turns watching over them, so they can have a little R & R break. They usually go back to Heaven to ride the rides in one of the many amusement parks in Heaven. They are also eager to eat some of the things they saw their human eating on Earth that smelled and looked so good! Your guardian angel will ask you many questions when you come to Heaven and they will tell you how many times and ways they saved you from danger and death!

            God puts an empty space inside each person that can only be filled with His Son, Jesus’ love. People will search for love in all the wrong places. They will try to fill this void of love by having sex, becoming rich, lusting after material things, living for one excitement after another, searching for endless adventures, trying to become famous, multiple sex partners, taking dangerous drugs, eating too much food, etc.


            God makes sure every person has at least one opportunity to hear the gospel message of Jesus dying for their sin. If they believe in Jesus and accept Him as their Lord and Savior and they die, their guardian angel will take their spirit back to Heaven. Their deceased body remains in the grave or their ashes in an urn. When Jesus returns in the Rapture He joins their spirit to a brand-new body that never dies, and they go back to Heaven.  

             Many adults have the feeling they have lived somewhere else before they were born, and they’re right! They don’t know or don’t remember when they used to live and play inside of God in Heaven. Satan will use this feeling of déjà vu to confuse many because he wants people to believe in the lie of reincarnation.

            If you died today, would you go back to Heaven and be presented by Jesus back to your Heavenly Father?