This is the time period directly before Adam and Eve was created on the Earth



Genesis 1:1 Moses wrote the first five books of the Bible; Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy. GOD told Moses to write that in the beginning GOD created the Heaven and the Earth. GOD made His beautiful home called Heaven with all the Angels and He made our gorgeous home called Earth. Later, He would fulfill His will of having children who would love and accept Him and live with Him forever in Heaven.


GOD made Heaven and Earth many unknown years before He created Adam and Eve. All the other planets, solar systems and universes would have to wait while GOD focused on Heaven and the Earth. For Heaven as he needed, He created different levels of Angels to assist Him in Heaven with the many unique, future assignments that would include the first planet and apple of His eye called Earth.


When it was time, the Earth would one day bring the very thing that GOD craved . . . a loving family made in His own image.


 In the beginning, God the Creator made and chose Lucifer to be His highest archangel. Lucifer was the most beautiful Archangel covered with every magnificent gem that GOD had made. The Angel was a Master of Music and lead the Angels in worship around the throne of God. While inside of God, Lucifer walked up and down the river of God on the fiery gems. He could feel the worship of the millions of Angels coming in through GOD. The worship filled him with such power and pleasure it made him feel like he was God. Lucifer started dreaming about becoming God, but if he did he would have to usurp God from His throne. The evil thought kept building.


Lucifer didn’t know that GOD could read his thoughts. GOD decided to give Lucifer a chance to change his evil mind by giving him extra responsibilities by sending him to take care of the Earth.  GOD created human-like inhabitants on the Earth that were not made in his image.


Lucifer was thrilled that GOD chose him over all the other Angels in his level. This was his big opportunity to rule a lower cast of beings on the Earth. The inhabitants GOD created were not beautiful like the Angels and they were not very smart. God allowed a third of a sect of angels to help Lucifer lead and organize the new inhabitants of Earth on how to make homes, grow crops, make tools, hunt for food, catch fish and build communities. The Angels had to learn how to teach them by speaking into their ears/head because the inhabitants couldn’t see the Angels.


As the inhabitants multiplied and learned lots of stuff from the highly intelligent, invisible Angels, the villages became cities and the cities became nations. Lucifer was very proud of his accomplishments, but GOD would never compliment nor encourage him. GOD knew that Lucifer was setting up just the beginning of his defeat. (The total defeat of Lucifer would take seven thousand years but GOD is not counting.)


 Lucifer missed feeling the waves of worship from the Angels that penetrated God. Because he wasn’t being appreciated, he became angrier at GOD. Secretly, he started rounding up the disgruntled angels to help him over-throw the throne, but GOD knew what he was doing. Before Lucifer could carry out the rebellion, GOD kicked him and one third of his angels out of Heaven back down to Earth.


Luke 10 [18] And Jesus said unto them, I beheld Satan as lightning fall from heaven.


Genesis 1:2 gives a hint of the pre-adamic age many years before Adam and Eve. Most Christians, including myself, over-looked the second verse. I heard about the pre-adamic age online, but I didn’t believe anything happened on Earth before Adam. I was curious, so I listened to the Christian teachers and preachers who used the scripture to prove the pre-adamic race.


It makes sense for God to use the Earth to allow Satan to learn how to control people.

Now, Satan knows what to do and he can’t complain to GOD or beg for mercy. 


What am I talking about? I’m saying that Adam and Even were not the first people who lived on this earth. GOD used Earth as playground to equip Lucifer on how to get people to obey him. for the future when he would rebel GOD would kick him out of Heaven to the Earth where he would cause Adam and Eve to fall.


This may seem unfair for GOD to set Lucifer up but GOD looked ahead and saw that this was the only way to get rid of all evil for good. He would have to give Lucifer leeway long enough until he would make his final bad choice and fall forever into a final Hell.


Genesis 1:2 And the earth was without form (a blob), and void (cancelled); and darkness (GOD gone) was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters. (frozen flood)


For the earth to be without form, void with darkness (no presence of GOD) upon the face of the deep (flood) . . .  MEANS SOMETHING BAD HAPPENED TO THE EARTH.


Isaiah 24[1] Behold, the LORD makes the earth empty, and makes it waste, and turns it upside down, and scatters abroad the inhabitants thereof.


The scripture says the Earth was turned upside down and the inhabitants scattered (they died). After Lucifer rebelled in Heaven and GOD zapped him like lightning to the Earth was when Genesis 1:2 happened soon after. This was the first flood on the Earth due to rebellion when the Earth was turned upside down resulting in a flood that killed all the living on Earth and the water froze.

Noah’s flood will come later after another rebellion of the Watchers and the Nephilim caused by Lucifer who became Satan after he fell… coming up on the next post.