Whose Blood is This?

Memphis, Tennessee/Israel


A True Story




          “Hello, I am calling long distance from Tel Aviv, Israel. May I speak with Mr. Ron Wyatt, please”

          “This is Ron Wyatt speaking.” He wondered what was going on. He hoped nothing had happened at his dig site. “May I ask who’s calling?”

          “My name’s Lieutenant Eliezer (not real name) and I’m with the Israel Police Force. Are you the archeologist who’s been excavating on the north side of Jerusalem?

          “Yes, that would be me.”

          “Just to make sure when did your start excavating?”

          “In 1979, but I haven’t found what I’m looking for yet,” said Wyatt.

          “Eliezer said, "Five Palestinians broke into your site.”

          “Oh, no! I thought we secured the site. Did you arrest them?”

          “No, I couldn’t arrest them.”

          “They got away?”

          “No, they didn’t get away.”

          “What happened?”

          “They’re dead! Something down there killed all five.”

          Ron started shaking and collapsed in his worn Tennessee recliner. “You said they’re dead?”

          “Yes, but there's no blood or a weapon or anything I  could see that killed them. My men took off in a hurry and I have nobody to help me retrieve the bodies. Everyone's afraid of whatever killed those men will kill them.

          “I see,” Ron said. “So, are you a born-again Christian or a Jew?"

          "I'm both. Does it matter?" he said.

          "That's why you didn't die when you went down there," said Ron. "It also tells me I am close to finding what I've been looking for. So, you want me to come and get them out?”

          “Yes, I can't carry one man, let alone five. I hope you can come soon because the longer they are down there, the faster they’ll decompose.”

          Ron called his crew, packed his bags, kissed his wife goodbye, and they were soon in the air. The trip from Memphis to Tel Aviv would take almost 14 hours. It would give Ron time to pray and study the scripture before he shared with his crew what he suspected happened to those men.

          When Ron arrived on the secluded site, he was glad the media never got wind of it like Eliezer promised. The sight looked a little different, but it was well hidden. When they opened the metal door they were glad they had disposable masks. It was going to be a nasty job, but all the men got busy. After the crew pulled out the fifth body bag, Ron called Lt. Eliezer who called the morgue.

          The narrow passageway where they found the bodies meant the men never found the secret chamber. Ron and his crew got busy digging, filling buckets, and disposing of the rocks. After two days, they made it through fifteen feet of rock and dirt to another passageway. Ron knew they were close to finding what Jeremiah the prophet had hidden 600 years before Christ died on the cross.

          Ron Wyatt will never forget the awesome moment when he hammered his chisel the last time between two 10x10 inch rocks that fell away from him and left a large hole. After the dust settled he shined his flashlight into the 2600-year-old  chamber. He couldn’t believe his eyes when the light fell on a brass Menorah candlestick and a large gold box topped with two angels.

           Had Eliezer not called Ron in the states, the five men would have found the Ark and it would be forever gone. That's why the five men died.

          “I found it! I found it!” Ron yelled through a three-inch diameter plastic accordion hose (no cell phones) telephone line to the surface to alert his crew.

          “We’re coming down with cameras!” they said.

          It didn’t take long for Ron to clear the hole to get inside. He was already looking around when they arrived “Look at this!” cried Ron, as he pointed with his flashlight to the huge rectangular, gold box on a long table. “Guess what this is?”

           The sight of the coveted relic held their tongues dumb.

          “It’s the Ark of the Covenant!" said Ron. Can you believe we finally found it?” Ron said, wiping away a tear.

          The solid gold Ark had two gold angels on each end with their wings touching on one side. A continuous row of gold teeth formed a crown around the top edge of the chest. Ron tried to raise the lid to look in, but it was too heavy.

          They found two more pieces of furniture: the Table of Showbread and the golden Altar of Incense. As Ron shone his flashlight on the top of the Ark he saw black splatters like something had dripped on it. He looked up at the ceiling and shone his flashlight on a black, oval shape directly above the splatters on the Ark.

          Ron’s excitement made him grab his pocket knife. “Does anybody have an empty film canister?” he said. He was handed two. He scraped some of the dark residues from the top of the Ark and the ceiling. They asked him what he thought the black residue was but he wouldn’t answer.

           In Tel Aviv, Ron dropped off one canister at a highly recommended blood lab. He met a team of research scientists who would do a genetic analysis on the blood sample. They would check the chromosome count (46 are normal; 23 from the mother and 23 from father). One lab tech checked it immediately under the microscope and said the blood was lifeless and not to get his hopes up.

           Ron said, “I know. I know. It's almost 2,000 years old! Go ahead with the saline/ blood make-up with a gentle swirl at body temperature and I'll be back in 72 hours." He wrote them a check and left.

          A team of Jewish scientists came through two big doors after Ron returned in 72 hours. The older, Jewish man stepped forward, handed Ron the lab report, and said, “Mr. Wyatt, we have completed the test on your blood specimen and, as a team of modern genetics, we are baffled with the results. There is something alien about this blood and we are curious about its origin.”

           Being around hospital staff back home for twenty years as an anesthesiologist, Ron was not surprised with their reaction to the blood sample, but he didn't know exactly what was coming. He knew the saline could probably bring the blood back to life but he had no idea what it would reveal.

          On a positive note, Ron Wyatt said, “How many chromosomes did you find, sir?” He held his breath.

          The deep brown eyes of the Jewish, grey-haired tech looked straight into Ron' and said, “There are only 24 chromosomes, period."

          Ron's eyes widened in surprise as he waited for the explanation because he knew the count was off. Every normal person should have 46 chromosomes; 23 from the Mom and 23 from the Dad.

          The senior tech finally said, "We found 23 X chromosomes from the mother, and 1 Y chromosome from the Father."

           Ron wanted to run up and down the hall praising Jesus but he kept calm knowing this was going to be good.

           "Whose blood is this?” said the senior tech.

          A huge smile reached Ron’s sparkling, baby blues. He said, “Gentlemen, this is blood of your Messiah, Jesus Christ!”

         The scientists fell back with gasps of unbelief.

         Ron said, "Thank you so much for your fine work. Have a great day!"



 Learn about Ron Wyatt through your SEARCH button. Type in Ron Wyatt YouTubes. You will learn how and why he found the Ark of the Covenant. Listen how he came to the conclusion that the dry blood on the Ark and ceiling of the chamber belonged to Jesus. It will blow your mind to see how Jesus' blood got on the Ark of the Covenant. Ron was ridiculed by believers and unbelievers on this finding and 9 others. Of all his findings this was the mother load.

Hope you enjoyed this true story because there's much more.

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