I want to share the 12 Orders of Angels that God made for Himself and for us. When you read about these 12 types of Angels it will blow your mine and open a new door of understanding.






          I need to go back about 10,000 years. If you understand the past it will help you understand the craziness of the End Times all around us now. Most believers know about the End Days and the soon return of Jesus Christ but now the unbelievers want to know why our world is becoming dark, weird, and scary.

Here are the seven things I will be writing about each month ahead.




 #4 THE RAPTURE ~ October

 #5 THE TRIBULATION ~ November



#7 THE 1000 YEAR MILLINIUM AGE ~ January



(Google: Angelology Order)


In eternity past was the Trinity Who lived in the most Northern part of the whole Universe. Three God Heads called: GOD the Father, GOD the Son, and GOD the Holy Spirit. The Trinity worked together in perfect love and harmony as One.

 In eternity past, God had made myriads of different kinds of Angels.

He created the four choirs with twelve orders of myriads of Angels. The Angelic order includes four choirs of synchronized angels with a presence of three types per choir:

 The first choir includes: Supernal, Celestials, and Illuminations.

The second choir includes: Seraphim, Cherubim, and Thrones.

The third choir includes: Dominions, Virtues, and Powers.

The fourth choir includes: Principalities, Archangels, and Angels.

 They are each described here:


1st Order - Supernals  have a brilliant gold light, an extension source of the whole of existence, ascending and descending principle of creation in balance, harmony, and synchronization with each of 12 choirs.

 2nd Order - Celestials have a shining silver light, maintain a divine thought and wisdom in the physical realm, few appear to humans.

 3rd Order - Illuminations have the highest physical form, accomplish emulations of divine light and wisdom throughout physical realms.



4th Order - Seraphim have healing flames of Love, Light and Fire. They have three pair of wings; one pair to fly, two pair to cover their face and feet. They are guardians of various universes with their ceaseless/eternal revolution. They have divine Principals and Divinity of order. They carry positive energy throughout the twelve orders and to the physical realm of earth. They are the closest angels to the throne of God where they circle it continually, praising God. Four of these living creatures sing ceaseless: Holy, Holy, Holy! The fifth one rebelled and became Lucifer/Satan.

 5th Order - Cherubim are very active on Earth protecting all creations. Youthful, childlike forms. Reminders of joy, happiness and essence of creation. Deep insights and owners of the Knowledge and Secrets of God. Voice of divine wisdom. They expulsed man from the garden of Eden. They gave the annunciation of Christ on the earth. They outshine all angels, watch over galaxies as guardians of fixed stars. They guard any religious temples. Most powerful and awe-inspiring of all angels. Much duties on earth. Keep order in the Heavenly host and maintain records of Heaven. All seeing eyes. Sing praises of God.

 6th Order - Thrones are symbols of God’s justice and authority. Tremendous power and movement. Keepers of higher energies to maintain connection and flow through realms. Act as conduits of physical worlds. More stationary in existence. Assigned to planets. Carry out divine justice for the LORD. Healing energy to victims. Closest of all angels to spiritual perfection. Intensely humble. Dispense justice with perfect objectivity without fear of pride or ambition.



 7th Order - Dominations govern all the Cosmos or Planets. They carry out orders from angels above them to keep Cosmos in order. Flow of intensity in power. Middle management between upper choirs and lower choirs of angels. Maintenance of the King’s authority. Rarely reveal themselves to mortals.

 8th Order – Virtues are large beings of Light who commune directly with stars and nebulae that give them birth. Work miracles on earth, bestow grace and valor to worthy humans. In charge of nature, rain, snow, wind, etc. Closely interlaced with the saints of God.

 9th Order – Powers were made after Lucifer’s fall to be guardians of order and peace in the world. Maintain laws of physical realms. Information gatherers and depositors of truth to all things that exist. They stop the effort of demons taking over the world or let them be keepers of human history. Angels of warning. First and last line of defense against the diabolical hordes of demons. Police the routes between earth and heaven to defeat the efforts of demons. They escort spirits of the deceased safely to Heaven. More of these particular angels fell with Lucifer than any other order of angels. Colors are green and gold. Symbol is a flaming sword. WARRIOR ANGELS WHO DEFEND SAINT’S HOMES, PROPERTY AND CHILDREN.



 10th Order - Principalities are global leadership angels over patrons of whole world: cities, states, countries, continents, U.N. NATO, etc. They are over wherever groups of people are meeting like boardrooms, conferences, swimming pools, schools, courts, governments, etc. They are in tune with the Prince of Princes, JESUS, to carry out His WILL on Earth.  They work with Guardian Angels who are assigned to every person for protection. More administrative and technical influence over world power. Symbols are Scepter, Cross, and Sword.

 11th Order – Archangels are large, radiant spiritual beings. Their presence signals a significant change. They can take human form to help people. They work among the levels of angelic orders and choirs. They enjoy working with humans when they can. They are in charge of Heaven’s armies fighting fallen angels in battle. They oversee our guardian angels who may need help. Lucifer was also an archangel. Other archangels we know are Gabriel and Michael.

 12th Order – Angels are messengers who communicate with life forms within the physical world. Constantly present and accessible to humans. Large groups of angels attend tragic events to help people. They inspire through thoughts and ideas. Are guardian angels assigned to a baby at birth and stay until death. They call for help from other angels.

(Google: Angelology Order)



          Lucifer was the highest & most beautiful angel God created. He used to be one of the top five living creatures that worshipped God until he became full of himself and tried to usurp God from His throne. He was corrupted by his power, his wisdom, his beauty and by reason of his brightness.


       Isa.14:12 How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! how art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations!




          When Lucifer rallied 1/3 of the angels to rebel, God zapped them all out of third Heaven into the second heaven.  Pre-Adamic Earth was turned upside down and frozen until further notice. Who knows how long those homeless, fallen angels wondered around in second heaven among the different planets, stars, nebulas, dark holes and endless universes with no aliens. They are still stuck there until tribulation when God throws them onto the Earth to hurt man.


          These fallen angels didn’t know back then that in the future during the end-days on Earth before the terrible tribulation they will be using the planets closest to Earth for much evil. They will be collecting black rocks from Mars, five times harder than diamonds, to assist the military in making flying saucers. They would also be abducting people from Earth to take to laboratories on these planets to use their sperm and eggs to create clones to house demons, chimeras (part animal, part man), and 200 million hybrid machine soldiers to fight Jesus Christ when he returns at the end of the great tribulation. (Satan thinks he will win.)


           God created Hell for these fallen angels who wanted to be worshipped as gods by the race of the Pre-adamic Earth but God said, “NO!” While leading worship music in the throne room, Lucifer, a great musician used tabrets & pipes. He was covered with every precious stone & he used to live inside God where he walked on fiery, gemstones in the River of God. Lucifer was beautiful and perfect in every way until iniquity was found in him.

Stay tuned for SEED WAR 3, Pre-adamic Earth in August, 2018