The Watchers & The Battle of the Titans

In Genesis 6 we read that the sons of God callled the Watchers lay with the fair daughters of men and impregnated them. Their offspring became giants.  God Elohim commanded His warrior arch angels to capture the 200 Watcher angels who had disobeyed Him. Michael and his angels chained them in a section of Hell called Tartarus, where they have been ever since for almost 6,000 years, awaiting their judgment.




Elohim, God the Creator of the Earth, made everything and it was very good. After the fall of Adam and Eve, the human population grew fast but they needed modern tools and weapons. God sent the watchers angels to teach the humans how to make fire, pottery, swords, farming tools, jewelry, make medicine from plants, makeup, etc. (Search Google for the Book of Enoch, a historical account, and read all about it).

When Satan noticed the watchers lusting after the fair, beautiful women of Earth, he got an idea. He called together the 200 watcher angels on Mt. Herman in the Middle East to present his plan. “Settle down watchers," he said. "Pay close attention.You are going to love my idea because I’ve been watching you and I know what you want to do.”

The watchers looked at each other with fake, angelic innocence but Satan wasn't fooled. His dazzling gemstones and beauty mesmerized and scared them. “I know you are lusting after the fair women of earth and I don’t blame you. I’m giving you permission to know (have sex) as many women as you desire. Have the fun you deserve,” he said.

You could have heard a feather drop on that mountain.

“But the Lord God told us not to touch or know the women,” one watcher angel said. “If we do what you say, we will surely be punished severely.”

“Did God say you would be punished? Of course not. You’re just going to enjoy a little-denied pleasure, that's all. Why should humans be the only ones to have fun with their own family?”

“A family?” said another angel. “Can an angel impregnate an earthly woman?”

“How will you know if you don’t try it?” said Satan. They didn't know how desperate he was for them to do this abominable thing. Satan wanted them to corrupt the human bloodline to stop a future Messiah man from crushing his head!

After Satan left, the head watcher said to the group, “Wouldn’t it be nice to have our own wife and children like the men of the earth? Why does God deny us the things he lets the humans do?”

The discussion was hot and heavy as they argued over the consequences of disobeying God. By morning all 200 watchers promised under a pact to do the vile thing and not look back; they hoped with their great number and pact, God would be merciful.

The angels already looked like normal men, so it would be easy for them to seduce the willing women and strong enough to ravish the unwilling. They discussed their seduction plans and scattered out to reek havoc. When the weeks and months passed, they felt less guilty because God never said anything.

In God's own time, He sent his beloved Enoch to the watchers with a message of doom and gloom. The watchers wailed with remorse and begged Enoch to write a petition of apology to God for them. But, God could not wink at this horrible sin. He gave the watcher angels a great punishment as an example to the other angels. You can't kill angels so God had the 200 watchers chained in a section of Hell called Tartarus. They have been there for almost 6,000 years, awaiting their final judgment.

Many of the women that wouldn’t or couldn’t hide from the Watchers became pregnant and gave birth to half-human, half-fallen angel babies. Their offspring grew into giants as tall as 7, 12, 15, 25, 36 feet and taller. The giant Nephilim multiplied on the face of the Earth and they were constantly hungry. Their insatiable appetite for flesh let God know when to intervene before every human and animal were eaten. God gave Enoch instructions for the giants to gather together in big groups in a huge valley for a tournament fight to see which giant was the strongest and fittest.

The competitive giants loved the fighting idea and they fought for many days in what the Greeks called later as “The Battle of the Titans”. . . until every giant was dead.


To Be Continued.