As I dug another hole in the sandy dirt, the stifling sun and muggy air reminded me of the shade on the front porch. Planting the rest of my flowers would have to wait. I went through the kitchen back door, poured a tall glass of lemonade and I found sanctuary on the front porch steps.

          Christy Love joined me with a happy meow just as the two o'clock down pour started. As I gulped my drink I remembered how people warned us about the Florida weather but Sandy and I only thought about the Atlantic Ocean and the beach being ten minutes away.





          After the short rain, Christy Love ran out in the front yard and flitted around in a patch of wild catnip. Half-drunk, she chased the poor salamanders and yellow butterflies off our property. She was like an orphan who had come home!  Her entertaining antics told me she was the happiest cat living on dusty, Carmel Road.

           I understood her feelings, completely, because I felt the exact same way, about our little abode in the palmetto wood!

           After cooling off, I returned to my gardening, enjoying the few degrees lower in temperature. As the steam dissipated, Christy Love shadowed my every step, meowing whatever was heavy on her mind. I would give anything to know what she was saying.

          She laid down in front of me in the damp dirt and watched as I planted the rest of the purple & hot pink petunias. I was so into the planting I didn't realize she was waiting to catch my eye. She gave up and meowed so loud I finally looked up. I kid you not she had her head tipped sideways like she was waiting for me to answer or apologize.

           So, I answered. 

          “Christy Love, are you wondering if we are going to stay in this peaceful place, forever? Yes, we hope to live here forever, my love!”

         “Meooow…..meeeeeooooow!” she said.

          “So, you’re saying you are a happy cat, now? You don't miss all the tomcats over on Shallers Road?”

          “Meeeeooooow!” She blurted and jumped away to emphasize her disdain. She returned a few minutes later rubbing her silky head along my forearm as if to forgive me.

           Of course, she didn’t talk when Sandy was around. Oh, nooo!

           She rolled onto her back and looked up at me through those emerald, green eyes that could melt my heart faster than a popsickle in the hot, Florida sun. I know this sounds crazy, but Christy and I began our “happy tete-a-teets,” after we moved to our new house. She and I became tighter than the wire on a new fishing pole, reeling in a big, Atlantic, swordfish.

           Just between you and me, I believe my little black beauty is waiting for me in Heaven just like she waited for me, here on earth when we came home from camp.  

          It didn’t bother us that our house had been ordered from the pages of a Sears & Roebuck catalogue back in the 1930s. Before the house was moved out of the city, the second floor bedroom was removed permanently to avoid knocking down telephone wires as they pulled it down the highway on a trailer to the outskirts of St. Augustine.

           The charming living room had a bookcase on each side of the small fireplace and two unique matching windows above. The amenities of the small kitchen, the cheerful breakfast nook, the dinning room, the three bedrooms and one bath were just perfect!

           We were in perfect peace on earth in our new home.

           While the deaf and blind students were home for the summer, Sandy prepared sermons and Sunday School lessons for a 9 month school year. I made Bible teaching materials to use in Bible centers for the younger deaf students. We also worked at two or three deaf camps that first summer.



           One night at a deaf camp before I went to sleep I prayed for the Lord to use me as a counselor at camp for His glory!" I had just gone to sleep in the girl’s cabin, when a woman, I didn't know, woke me.  

          “Aaaa, what's going on?” I said.

          “I hate waking you but I'm in desperate need for help,” she said. “I have a young woman counselor who needs a devil prayed off of her. Are you a strong Christian?

           Half-asleep I said, “Yes, I think so, but I don’t know anything about praying off demons.”

           “That’s okay, because I do. All I need is for you to help me hold her if she tries to take off. She understands why I need you and she's okay with it if you are.”

           "I'm okay with it," I said.

           After she left, I felt leery going alone with a stranger to cast out demons? While dressing, I felt a blanket of calmness come over me which helped a lot.

          I met the two women in front of the mess hall, but I couldn't tell if the young, troubled woman was deaf or hearing. All three of us walked quietly, out into an open field, under a full moon. Fear kept trying to wrap its icy fingers around my mind, but the hands of Jesus shoved them off. In the middle of the open field we stopped walking and looked up into the sky.




          The stars sparkled like a trillion diamonds and the night air was pleasantly cool.

          The older woman suggested we all hold hands and kneel down on the ground together. The younger woman knelt down with a blank stare on her face.

         The older woman looked at me and said, “Hold her upper, right arm with both your hands, and I’ll hold her other arm.”

          “Okay,” I said as I placed my hands gently around her upper arm. Was I ready for an exorcism under a full moon in the middle of an open field with two strangers? Unbelievably, I felt peace all around me.

          The older woman said, “I’m going to find out what the name of this demon is, so it may take a little while so please be patient and quiet.”

           I nodded my head not believing what I was doing, but it was too late to back out!

           The older woman began to pray,

“Lord Jesus, we come before you to help this poor, young woman who is tormented by a devil. You said we would do the same works as you and even greater after you went to be with Your Father in Heaven. This woman is a new Christian and she has asked forgiveness for her sins and for being involved in witch craft."

         Witch craft? Holy, moly!!

         The older woman continued to pray,

"Lord Jesus, I know a devil cannot come inside a Christian, but he can harass and speak lies in our ears. This woman doesn’t know how to get rid of this harassing devil, Lord, but you can do it through me. I ask that you protect this young woman; protect Kathy; and protect me with the covering of your precious blood. Kathy and I are Christians, so this demon cannot come into us when he comes OFF this young woman."

"Are you okay for me to continue, Kathy?”she asked.

           Everything she said made sense so I said, “I’m okay.”

          “Good! Thanks, Kathy for being so strong and willing to help. I know this must be a great challenge for you but don't be afraid because greater is Jesus who is in you than any demon. Now, I must find out this demon’s name, so pray for me, silently, while I ask this woman some questions,” she said.

          I tried to pray but the inside of my head was empty, except for two words . . . JESUS HELP!

         “In the name of Jesus, tell me your name, demon,” the older woman said in a normal voice.


         The older woman began asking questions:

"Are you a spirit of Jealousy?" "NO!" it said.

"Are you a spirit of Lying?" "NO!" it said (it lied).

"Are you a spirit of Familiarity?" "NO!"it said.

"Are you a spirit of Perverseness?" "NO!" it said.

"Are you a spirit of Heaviness?" "NO!" it said.

"Are you a spirit of Whoredom?" "NO!" it said.

"Are you a spirit of Infirmity?" "NO!" it said.

"Are you a spirit of Deaf & Dumbness?" "NO!"it said.

"Are you a spirit of Fear?" "NO!" it said.

"Are you a spirit of Pride?" "NO!" it said.

"Are you a spirit of Bondage?" "NO!" it said.

 "Are you a spirit of Antichrist?" "NO!” it said.

         Finally, the woman asked firmly, “In the Name of Jesus Christ, whose mighty Name you will bow down to on that day, I demand you, demon, to tell me your name!”

          The young woman whispered something but we didn't understand her.

          “Say it again,” the older woman said.

          The younger woman became harder for us to hold down as she was being provoked by the demon. Finally, the demon said through the woman, “FOLLY!  My name is FOLLY!!!”

         “By the blood and the authority of Jesus Christ, who lives in me through the Holy Spirit, I demand you demon of folly and lying to come OFF this woman, now, in the name of Jesus Christ the Son of God!”

          The young woman fell back on the ground.

          After a half-minute, the older woman pulled the younger woman up off the ground. “You’re free!”

          The younger woman said, “Yes, I am! Thank you, thank you! It's finally gone!”

          We lifted her to her feet and we joined in a group hug under the smiling stars. My mind barely could grasp what had just happened. I don’t know what I expected but it wasn't too bad. (I can say that now!)

         Evidently, God trusted me to be able to handle the situation with His help, of course. He covered me with His feathers (Angel) of perfect peace the full time. Had I said “no” to help the older woman I would have missed out on an opportunity to stand strong with Jesus in the face of everyday evil.


          In this case, Folly means to be easily fooled by using clever lies and deception. (The demon lied when he said NO to being a demon of lying.) The demon used a lie to fool the young woman into believing that Jesus had not saved her because she had been involved in witch craft. The older woman explained to her that Jesus' powerful blood can and does cover any sin including witchcraft, as long as she truly believes in Jesus, admits she is a sinner, repents or turns away from sin, and lets Jesus takes care of the rest!