Pick Me!


       Flashes of cobalt lightening burst throughout God’s magnificent throne and inter- mixed with the sweet smelling prayers  of the saints as they drifted up from Earth to Heaven. The holy blend filled the spacious expanse of Heaven and titillated the nostrils of the great. Creator Who sat on His Throne.


     “Pick me, Abba Father, Pick me!” I cried in unison with tens of thousands of other baby spirits. We intermingled happily like a perpetual tapestry of floating diamonds around the throne of the Most High. "And he that sat was to look upon like jasper and a sardine stone: and there was a rainbow round about the throne, in sight like unto an emerald." Rev.4:3

Picture by  Waiting for the Word   CREATIVE COMMONS   WWW.FLICKR.COM

Picture by Waiting for the Word  CREATIVE COMMONS   WWW.FLICKR.COM


     The sight of tens of thousands of saints that had died on earth and left their bodies  lay prostrate on the translucent glass floor as they worshipped the Almighty God. Myriads of glorious Angels joined the sons of men in worship at the feet of our Lord and Savior and King.


     I never tired of my place around the throne room worshipping my Heavenly Father. I asked God why all the baby spirits who left for Earth don’t come back. He said it was due to the sin curse on the Earth caused by Lucifer who rebelled against Him. I remember when Jesus left Heaven for His assignment on Earth. But, when He returned  He had large holes in His wrists and feet.

     I promised God I would do good things on Earth. He said helping your neighbor was good but it was not enough to get you into Heaven. God volunteered His perfect Son as the ultimate sacrifice. Jesus counted the cost to break the curse of sin and accepted the great price on man’s behalf.  

     When it was almost time for me to go to Earth God told me not to worry. He said He looked into the future and made perfect plans for many souls to hear the gospel in their own language . If they never hear the gospel message of Jesus Christ they can listen and obey their conscience.

 When God called my name He introduced me to my guardian Angel. At the departure portal together we stared through millions of galaxies. The Earth, the apple of God’s eye, was always visible from Heaven and shone like a tiny sapphire dot among the stars. In less than a minute my Angel and I would be inside the first heaven around the Earth.

I would be placed  inside my mother’s womb where my body was already two cells and growing strong inside Marie Lawson Wilcox.