Apple Pie by  Dennis Wilkerson   Creative Commons  Flickr

Apple Pie by Dennis Wilkerson  Creative Commons  Flickr

Why was the same guy coming through the lunch line again? As I stared at his second tray of food he asked for apple pie. “Didn’t you just come through this line a few minutes ago?” I asked him.


 “Maybe, I just wanted to see you again,” he grinned.


 “You got apple pie earlier, right?” I said.


“I admit I do love apple, but I haven’t had any today.” he said reaching for the biggest piece of apple pie. His stare made me feel uncomfortable. Nervously, I shifted the desserts around until he paid at the register and left through the exit door.


After lunch, I was late for class so I slipped out the back door of the cafeteria. Half way across the crowded viaduct the apple pie guy jumped out in front of me from behind. He laughed and walked backwards using his back as a shield to get me through the people. “I saw you leaving the cafeteria so I thought I catch up with you.”


I rolled my eyes and sped up hoping he would get out of the way, but he didn’t. “I’m very late for class and I can’t talk now,” I said as I stepped off the viaduct and hurried toward the Old Gray Brick building.


 “I’ll hurry with you,” he said.


" I’m really late and need to run!”


“I didn’t get your name,” he said as he ran with me.


“I'm Kathy.” I said.


“I’m Rex,” he said, “will you go to the Sophomore Picnic this Saturday with me.”


“I’m just a freshman,” I said as I climbed the steps, quickly, hoping that would get me off the hook.


That evening, I looked up from my pie case and saw Rex coming and laughing in line with a bunch of guys. I disappeared behind the huge, steel refrigerators and hoped Mrs. Williams wouldn’t send me back out there. I didn’t want to turn this guy down in front of his friends.


After work, Rex was waiting for me inside the lobby of Johnson Hall, my dormitory. His hands were stuffed in jean pockets as he approached me grinning like the Cheshire cat in Alice in Wonderland. As his thick eye brows froze into perfect parentheses my mind went totally blank!


“There you are!” he said, “I’ve been waiting for a long time. I need to know your answer about going to the picnic with me.” His squinted, puppy dog eyes begged through his thick glasses.


I couldn’t think of a kind way to turn down the apple pie guy. I bit the inside of my mouth and said, “Okay, what time will you be picking me up?” As I kicked myself all the way upstairs I decided I would change his interest in me while on our date.


 It was a beautiful blue, sky day for a fall picnic. Rex did all the talking while I did all the listening on our group walk to the park. I heard all about his past life and his future plans to become a Baptist minister. I gave a few nods now and then to not appear totally rude, but I deliberately let "the cat steal my tongue".


 When he walked me back to the dorm I hoped he realized what a dud date I was! I said ten words the whole evening and he never noticed. I was sure he wouldn't be asking me out again! Instead, he tried to kiss me good night! I turned my head away in shock! Yep, he still asked me out again, but it was easy to turn him down. I said, “Thank you, Rex… but, no thanks. Good night!

Several weeks went by as Rex used the other cafeteria line. He looked pretty sad. His friends gave me dirty looks but I tried to not let it bother me. I figured out why I thought Rex came through the line twice that day. Another guy named Sandy looked similiar to him.


Laundry by Joshua Ommen  Creative Commons 


I shut the lid and put two quarters into the pay slot of the washing machine. Nobody else was there so I sat down and picked up my thick Civilization book. The laundry mat door opened and six guys walked in without laundry bags. They silently walked passed me and around the twelve washers in the middle of the room. They marched around seven times like Joshua in the battle of Jericho. I thought this was maybe a late freshman prank. Without a word they marched out the door and the last one, the leader of the pack named, Will, turned around and said, “Some people around here think they’re too good for other people!"


I found out the laundry mat gang was upper- class, ministerial students and friends of Rex. They were mad at me for rejecting their dear friend. Evidently, they wanted to teach a lowly freshman girl a lesson. This would not be the last time the president of the Baptist Student Union would harass me.


Later, when I was a senior and living in Archer Hall dorm I had duty one night at the front desk. I didn’t know Rex and his girlfriend were sitting together in the other living room. At 8:55 PM Rex and his girlfriend walked to the front door to say goodnight. When he saw me standing nearby, waiting to lock the front door, he grabbed his girlfriend for an extra long, passionate kiss. I guess he felt like I owed him a moment of sweet revenge.


When I left for a Christian college I had no idea God was going to test me at college to help me grow in my Christian faith. I didn’t know the Lord helped me to forgive those ministerial students until years later at a church revival. One of the six guys, Larry, apologized to me as I shook his hand to congratulate him on his re-dedication to the Lord. When I told him I had already forgiven him he hugged me with tears of joy! I felt a little embarrassed for him but mostly I was in a happy state of shock. I hoped my gift of forgiveness helped him to remain in the ministry.  


Have you accepted God’s provision for your only way to Heaven? Jesus said, "I am the truth, the life, and the way. Nobody comes to the Father but through Me." God knew you in your mother’s womb…He still loves you…and, it’s not too late to come to Him today. If you haven’t accepted His Son, aren’t you tired of living under the stress of guilt and worry? He’s ready to help you get rid of all that baggage called sin, but...He is a gentleman and you have to ask Him.


If you are ready, you can pray this simple prayer:

Dear Jesus,

I believe you are the sinless, Son of God,

Who died on the cross for me.

Your sinless blood covers all my sin,

Please, forgive me of my sins.

Come, live inside me.

 Show me your will for my life.

I serve only You, Lord, Jesus, Forever!


If you prayed this prayer WELCOME to the kingdom of God! Find a church where believers love, teach, and follow the Bible. Jesus is coming for us very soon and now you are ready to meet Him! GOOD BLESS YOU!

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