FATHER OF LIGHTS by Kathy M Storrie/author of RUNNING on the Edge of Glory



By Kathy M Storrie/writer/author of RUNNING on the Edge of Glory

Have you ever said or heard someone else say, “I remember this from my former life.” Or, “I feel like I existed in another time and place!”

Why do so many of us feel we had another life somewhere?It’s because you did live somewhere else for eons of years before you were born on the Earth.

Long ago before God made the galaxies and the Earth, He wanted sons and daughters for Himself to cherish, converse, create, procreate, and enjoy each other’s company. Yes, He had millions of wonderful Angels but they weren’t made in His image. God wanted a people who would include and obey him because they loved Him.

God decided to create the blue planet where through the process of getting His own family could happen gradually over a period of 6,000 years. The plan would begin inside of God with millions of tiny baby spirits, each one different, waiting to be sent to the Earth to be born of a woman and be a human.

God can be any size He pleases. He has one organ, a bright heart that shines like the sun and sends waves of love throughout Heaven. Certain Angels are allowed to step inside of God to praise Him, talk to Him, and enjoy another world. Remember when the four children walked through the wardrobe and found a whole new world called Narnia? Same thing with God.

When Jesus and the Holy Spirit stepped inside God that is how they become ONE. Lucifer used to step inside God and direct the worship in the throne room with beautiful music as he walked on the gemstones. While inside God, Lucifer felt the strong waves of worship coming from the Angels through God and the pleasure of it caused him to want to overcome and become God.


We are God’s offspring the scripture says. We came from Him and we can go back to Him if we are vetted or covered with Christ’s blood. The Father of Lights created bright baby spirits to live and play inside of Him until it was time for us to be born on Earth. Meanwhile, we glided over rainbows and slid down cattails into the crystal blue ponds and swam with the fish and frogs. Butterflies carried us from flower to flower in the huge meadows while birds flew us over the snow capped mountains all inside God. We walked on sparkly gemstones that covered the bottom of each lake and pond. (That’s why many of us are drawn to sparkly things but the men won’t admit it. lol)

God looked ahead and had our mothers picked out a long time ago and the moment she was ready to conceive, God told our Guardian Angel to carry us swiftly to Earth and weave us to our Mother’s womb. Our eternal baby spirit grew at the same time as our body grew.

Jeremiah 1:5 says, God knew us before He formed us in our mother’s womb.

God loved and appreciated His awesome Angels but He wanted kindred spirits made in His image to relate to and enjoy. He also wanted us to be free to make our own decisions and love and follow Him only if we wanted. God hoped we would miss Him and seek for Him.

When I was young I felt a hole in my heart, like something was missing. When my uncle invited my family to church, I heard the complete story about Jesus and I knew who I needed. I invited Jesus to come into my heart to save me, and live in me and that was 60 years ago. That missing thing I had at eleven was filled up with Jesus unto this day.

2000 years ago God decided it was the best time to send His perfect Son to the Earth to preach the love and forgiveness of God and die on a cruel cross for the sins of the world. To get the family He wanted, God had to let His innocent Son suffer physical mental, spiritual torture, and lose all His blood to defeat the devil and gain back what Adam lost which are the keys of power over death, sin, and the grave.

Before you can get in a movie you need a ticket showing you paid. Same way with getting into Heaven. You must have the ticket to get into Heaven that Jesus paid for with His life, suffering, death, and resurrection from the dead.

Jesse Duplantis, a funny, Louisiana preacher, and Kat Kerr, a Florida seer with pink hair, both visited Heaven and saw millions of baby spirits of light around the throne of God happily singing, “Pick me! Pick me, God! I’m ready to go to Earth!”

Our tiny baby spirit grew inside our tiny flesh body at the same rate. When we die our adult spirit leaves our body immediately. Whoever we followed takes us to our destination. If you believed and accepted Jesus as your Savior your excited adult spirit is escorted back to Heaven by your guardian angel who takes you to your very own beautiful mansion.

If you didn’t believe in Jesus your terrified spirit is taken by demons down into the earth to a dark, holding tank called Hades. You stay alone there for 1,000 years until judgment day and your final destination in a fiery Hell forever.


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Written by

Kathy M. Storrie