These posts are inspired by a 66 yr. old Christian woman named Kat Kerr who has visited Heaven over a thousand times. Nobody can see her in Heaven because she is there to just observe Heaven and write books about it. She loves Jesus with her whole heart and she comes from a very strong Christian family. Her preacher father was a humble, loving man who poured out his life to the Lord by helping hundreds of needy people on the outskirts of their Jacksonville country house . He was her hero and she wanted to be just like her precious daddy. He is in Heaven now and his mansion is on a large piece of land with a huge barn with over a hundred pets and farm animals he had while on the Earth. Yes, when the pets you love die they wait for you at your mansion.

I have listened to her speak on YouTube videos for hundreds of hours and I believe she has really visited Heaven because of all the details she shares about Jesus, God and the Holy Spirit that are funny, wonderful, interesting, and believable. I am going to share with you what I remember her saying about Heaven. It blew my mind and I know it is going to blow yours! As we get closer to the Rapture more people are visiting and writing books and movies about Heaven.

The reason God chose her is because of her fruitful life and she has been a faithful follower of Jesus. God is concerned about our young adults who don’t go to church and don’t believe there’s a Heaven or a Hell. God told her to put pink highlights her white hair so she would attract the young people at the mall and witness to them about His Son. She has led more people to the Lord because of her pink hair than Carter has liver pills!

Kat Kerr is the third child of 15 children who grew up in Jacksonville, Florida. There were 8 boys and 7 girls and they had to share one bathroom which helped her build up much patience. Changing all those poopie diapers almost turned her against having kids.

Kat started seeing angels when she was 4 or 5 years old after she got saved. She thought everybody saw angels and she never thought much about it. Her siblings loved and collected all kinds of animals. She didn't like breaking up the squabbles between her siblings but she was a good girl and obeyed her mom and dad.

Her dad loved to help poor people and he gave their food and furniture away all the time. God always took care of their needs and they never went hungry. Kat loved helping her mother clean houses to make some money for their family needs. Kat graduated from high school and got a secretarial job. She worked her way up and became a high paid CEO of an important company. She married a man who ended up not treating her right so she divorced him. after and vowed to never marry again but God brought her a great husband and they’ve been married for almost 40 yrs.

One day Jesus walked into her house and told her that He and His Father wanted her to quit her CEO job, visit Heaven, and write about it. She was in shock that the Son of God was in her home talking to her like they were old friends. Jesus laughed and told her it was necessary that she quit her job because so many unbelievers in the world do not believe in Heaven.

After Kat Kerr quit her top paying CEO job she got her white short hair tinted with light pink just around her face. She drew attention everywhere, especially from the young people at the mall dressed in black. They would compliment her hair and she would thank them. Kat was too shy and nervous to witness and she didn't have anything to say because she hadn't visited Heaven, yet. She was glad to know that her pink hair was her calling card to win the lost.

Her first visit to Heaven came quickly and took like two seconds to get there. Heaven was so phenomenal she couldn’t believe her eyes. She walked around with Jesus and she noticed the people couldn't see her. The first place Jesus took her was up the mountain to God's throne room. As they walked the incline she saw people eating fruit from the trees on each side of the path. Jesus told her to try one and see how good it was. She loved the unique sweet taste and how it renewed her strength.

The throne room of God was spectacular! It was huge and full of people and Angels worshiping God who was sitting on His throne in the center. All she could see of God was his feet and up to His knees. Jesus excused Himself and went up on the platform toward His Father. She watched as Jesus walked right inside His Father and disappeared. Now, she understood the scripture better of how Jesus was in the Father and the Father was in Jesus.

“I will go join them so we can be three in one,” said the Holy Spirit in Kat’s ear. She saw the back of the Holy Spirit as He disappeared into God.

The presence of God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit was so thick and strong, Kat could barely stand. She fell on her knees before them and layed prostrate on the marble floor. Warm waves of God's love filled her with joy and peace and happiness.

When she was finally able to stand up she saw Jesus dancing with hundreds men around the throne with their arms around each other's neck. They were singing in Arabic, laughing and having the best time. Jesus’ laugh was infectious.

As more Angels and people came in, the throne room stretched bigger to accommodate them. She noticed lots of people sitting on the side steps eating what looked like huge slices of pizza and donuts. Jesus brought her a slice of pepperoni pizza and a chocolate donut with sprinkles, Kat's favorite. After the first bite of them both she wanted to say that they tasted so good she felt like she had died and gone to Heaven…but she was already there.

Jesus laughed and said, "I heard your funny thought."

Kat giggled as she devoured the food.

Jesus read her mind again and gave her a glass of wine. “Try Heaven’s wine,” He said, “ this is the same wine I made on earth from the water in the pots at the wedding of Cana.”

She loved it when Jesus’ laughed.

“It’s delicious!” she said, “ it’s so sweet and different with no alcohol.”

"Right!” He said. “Can you guess what my three favorite things were on the Earth that I do here, now?"

“No, I can’t imagine,” Kat said, finishing up the wine.

"My three favorite things on Earth were flowers, sweets, & dancing. They are my favorite things here in Heaven. Before I came to Earth as a baby I was known here in Heaven as THE WORD. I didn’t have a human form, only a Spirit. I never ate or drank anything, nor did I dance. I hardly noticed the flowers in Heaven but while on Earth I learned to appreciate their uplift in my soul plus their smell. My cousin, John the Baptist, shared his sweet honeycomb with Me and I was hooked on honey! Do you know we have bakeries here in Heaven? I visit them quite often and eat my fill. You don’t get fat in Heaven!”

“That’s why you brought me a donut in the throne room,” said Kat. “It was quite delicious. Who makes them?”

“People from Earth! Whatever the people loved eating or making on Earth they continue doing up here. We have bakeries, pizza shops, restaurants, coffee shops, ice cream parlors, movie theaters, concerts, clothing stores, bookstores, amusement parks …you name it.

“Remember three days after My crucifixion when Mary was looking inside the open tomb for Me and My body was gone? She looked over in the garden and thought I was the gardener and she didn’t know it was Me? What she saw Me doing was smelling the sweet, spring flowers. I had been down in Hades with those smelly demons for three days and I missed the flowers and couldn’t help Myself from indulging. When she ran to hug Me, I told her to not touch Me because I had not ascended to My Father in Heaven, yet.

Kat was still not sure why or where Jesus had been for three days. She remembered the scripture saying He descended below first. Why did He do that? Why didn't He go straight to Heaven to be with His Father?

To be continued...