3 DAYS IN HADES by Kathy M Storrie

3 Days in Hades by Kathy M Storrie

Kathy M. Storrie

Jul 5 · 8 min read


Heaven is a perfect place similar to Earth but much bigger, more beautiful, & extraordinary than you can imagine. This metropolis city of GOD is the size of several planets and His throne room is due North, located in 3rd Heaven. The eternal GOD has always existed. We used to live inside of Him as tiny baby spirits before he sent us one by one to the Earth & put inside our mother at conception. GOD has no beginning and no end. There are many worlds when inside Him we can explore. God knows & loves His 12 ranks of billions of Angels but He longed for a family with whom He could converse, bless, and love for eternity. He proved His love for mankind when He allowed His Son Jesus to be born on Earth as a 100% Human & 100% God Man. As Jesus grew up with a great sense of humor because he wanted to reach as many people as possible for His Father and He willingly suffered & died on a cruel cross for all the sins of the world.

JESUS CHRIST THE WORD became flesh and dwelt among men from 0–2 B.C. to 33 A.D. Jesus taught simple men about the loving Heavenly Father who made them. God earned for companionship with kindred, human spirits who were made in His image with a caring heart, similar intelligence, emotions, and creativity. When their life was over, He wanted them in Heaven with him for eternity.

GOD THE FATHER & CREATOR loved His billions of Angels but they were programmed to obey Him. He wanted human beings made in His own image who would be free to commune and obey Him because they loved Him.

There was one big problem. The Father saw ahead that Lucifer was going to rebel against God and demand His throne. God immediately kicked Lucifer out of Heaven with his 1/3 fallen angels. God saw the horrific repercussions coming from Lucifer’s scandalous treason. God would have to use a God/human to save mankind from their sin.

JESUS volunteered to suffer and die for the sins of the world.

Jesus’ mental and emotional stress plus His spiritual separation from His Father plus His physical torture began in the Garden of Gethsemane and ended on the Cross. He emptied every drop of His innocent blood for the sins of mankind, just as He and God planned it in Heaven.

As soon as Jesus died on the Cross, His bloody body gave up the ghost. He descended into the bowels of Earth to Hades, to let the demons, fallen angels, and Satan know that He was alive and His innocent blood was victorious in winning back the power over death, hell, and sin that Adam brought on mankind when he fell in the Garden of Eden.

Jesus also visited the chained Watcher Angels to let them know He had crushed Satan head (power) on the cross and they had failed in stopping Him from coming to Earth as the Savior Messiah. What did the Watcher Angels do to try and stop Him? These flesh angels slept with the fair women of Earth to create half-human, half-angel hybrid giants who grew to became 200 to 350 feet tall. These skeletal hybrid giants have been unearthed all over the world.


Hades is a real place to this day and it’s where unbelievers in God and Jesus go when they die. Each unsaved person goes to his own dark, holding tank beneath the earth until judgment. Tiny demons harass the unbelievers who will never eat, drink, see, nor speak to their loved ones again.

Across from Hades is a beautiful place called Paradise where the dead believers went in the past before Jesus died on the cross for the sins of the world. The Bible says when the rich man in Hades asked God to let the beggar in Paradise bring him a drop of water for his thirst, Jesus said it was too late and couldn’t be done.

When the thief on the cross said he deserved to die that meant he knew he was a sinner. When he said Jesus had done nothing wrong to deserve death, he was saying Jesus was sinless. When the thief asked Jesus to remember him when He entered Paradise, Jesus said he would be with Him that day in Paradise.

When the demons saw a sad Jesus in Hades they became excited thinking they had defeated the Son of God. They thought He was there because He had sinned and failed His mission. Their Master Satan would be so proud of them. Jesus waited off to the side with His head down as millions of demons gathered to celebrate their success in killing Jesus and His plan to save the world.

They didn’t understand they had helped God’s Son to save the world!

The bragging demons couldn’t agree with who was the one most responsible for the death of the Son of God so they began to fight. The release of the sulfuric stench from their evil bodies made the air putrid and dense but the fumes weren’t allowed to come near the Blessed Redeemer. The cocky demons weren’t allowed to cause any more pain to the King of Kings or they might be kicked into dry places.

Jesus was oblivious to the maddening chaos as he closed His eyes and focused on His Father’s words of wisdom and support. The great hall kept stretching wider as more demons filled Hades and celebrated the accomplishment of defeating Jesus at the Cross after working non-stop for the past 4,000-years.

When Satan made his big entrance, a demonic frenzy exploded. The beautiful fallen angel strutted down the aisle with fake humility. He had no idea the King of Kings was alive and waiting in the shadows to strip him of his glory.

The proud evil one could hold the demons responsible for the presence of the resurrected One so they refrained from temptation in their favor. Instead, they checked the exit doors for a quick escape. No demon wanted to be dismembered, melted or pulverized into green dust for telling the Master that Jesus was in the building.

Jesus raised his head as the liar boasted of his default victory over the Lord of Lords. Satan was pumping the crowd for all it was worth, bragging how he had made Jesus’ death as painfully long as he could ( in retaliation for God kicking him out of Heaven).

When Satan saw the Son of God step out of the shadows he became a hissing, wild monster with horns and a bowed back. He knew the Son of God wasn’t in Hades for a friendly visit . . . so, why was the God-Man trespassing on personal, private property? With no heavenly army in sight to stop Satan, the demons salivated with exhilaration that their Master was going to destroy his number one enemy right before their eyes.

Jesus Christ threw off His borrowed robe and walked slowly to the front platform as the millions of war-maimed demons glared at Him. The brightness of His glory penetrated the dingy room when Jesus stared over the crowd. The blue fire from His eyes shot such a wave of hot heat over their heads it caused the four front rows of demons to scream and cover their melted faces.

Finally, Jesus raised his arms high with righteous indignation and commanded the surrounding rock strata to shift it’s position slightly. The rock strata obeyed the Son of God and allowed tongues of fire to lick through the thousands of new crevasses to remind the shaking inhabitants of their future destination.

Jesus said in a loud voice, “By the authority of Jehovah Nissi, the Lord of Victory and the God of Deliverance, I command you Satan to bring Me the Keys of Death, Sin, & Hell. When Satan hesitated, Jesus’ eyes swirled again with blue and white fire and Satan moved toward Jesus. That’s when the ceiling disappeared and Michael’s Army of millions came into sight with their swords lifted and ready to shred demon butt.

Quickly, Satan handed Jesus the Keys and backed off a few feet.

“In the Name of the Most High God, My Heavenly Father, Who sent Me to Earth to fulfill His will by giving My Utmost, My Sinless Life, and My Innocent Blood freely to save all mankind from a permanent Death in Hell. AMEN! I hereby declare victory over Death, Sin, and Hell to all believers who believe in Me, receive forgiveness of sin and pray for power over evil plans of the enemy. AMEN!”

As Satan stood trembling before Jesus the demons disappeared. All of Michael’s War Angels had Satan surrounded and Jesus protected with their silver, drawn, swords, gleaming. Jesus removed Satan’s gemstones, one by one, until the he was totally stripped of all his beauty and glory forever. After the last jewel was gone, the rejected fallen angel disappeared to sulk in his dismal, dark headquarters.

On the third day, Jesus left the darkness of Hates and arose to the bright sunshine on the Earth. He walked through a wall with His new body and appeared to his depressed disciples. His mother, siblings, and His friends were excited when He visited and ate with them. Many unbelievers were saved when they saw the nail prints in His hands and feet and because He was back from the dead.

On the 40th day, Jesus emptied Paradise of all the believers like Adam, Eve, Abel, Abraham, Sarah, Isaac, Rebecca Jacob, Rachel, Ruth, Naomi, Joseph, Moses, David, Noah, Ezekiel, Joel, Job, Gentiles, etc. and took all the believers to Heaven. The people in Paradise who had died within the last 40 days were allowed to visit their families and friends one more time briefly before the Angels took them to safely to Heaven to meet and live with God forever.

Paradise is still empty and could be totally gone. But, Hades has enlarged to great capacity with many billions of unbelievers who have died in their sins the past 2,000 years. Read about the horror of being stuck by yourself in Hades in my other posts. There are no parties in Hades because everyone there is by themselves in a dark, rectangular hole with no way out, nobody to take to, no food, no drink.

Please be good to yourself and admit you are a sinner, believe in Jesus and accept Him as your personal, loving Savior by asking forgiveness of your sins and inviting Him to come into your heart to live, guide, help, & comfort you.

GOD LOVES YOU AND HE DOESN’T WANT YOU TO GO TO HADES AND LATER TO HELL! When King Jesus judges the people in Hades ALL of them will go into the fiery, hot Hell for eternity. NOT a good place for anybody to go! Jesus dreads having to send them to Hell.

Make plans to go to Heaven! A great place for you to enjoy forever!

Here is a simple prayer to say and mean it.

Dear Lord Jesus, please forgive me of my sins.

I believe you are the sinless Son of God who suffered & died on a cross in my place.

I believe you arose from the dead on the 3rd day and you’re coming back again.

Come into my heart Lord Jesus and live with me forever.

Help me find a Jesus centered Bible-believing church.

Thank you for giving all your blood to pay for my sin so I can have the Holy Spirit living inside me and guiding me every hour of the day. Amen.

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