Long ago, Lucifer and the first batch of fallen angels were kicked out of GOD’s 3rd HEAVEN and into 2nd Heaven which holds the entire Universe, the Solar Systems, the Stars, the Constellations, the Galaxies, the Black holes, the Comets, the Asteroids, the Moons, the Planets, the Nebulae, and one particular blue-green planet called Earth.

It was because 1/3 of GOD’s angels agreed to go along with Lucifer’s plan of high treason to take over GOD’s throne. Angry Lucifer took his expulsion personally and decided he would hurt GOD continually. Thus explains why there’s so much evil in the world. Lucifer/Satan knows his time is shorter each day and he must avoid spending 1,000 years in the bottomless pit.

We don’t know why Lucifer became jealous of GOD’s powerful position. He and GOD were a team for millions of years. We do know when Lucifer led the music from inside God, he did experience the overflow of the warm waves of love and worship coming to and through GOD from the billions of Angels around the throne room. The power must have lifted Lucifer’s ego to such a level of ecstasy he wanted the pleasure to never stop.

At the beginning when God said “Let there be a firmament, dry land, vegetation, underground springs, mountains, oceans, rivers, fish, birds, animals, and Adam & Eve,” THE WORD (Jesus) created them all in seconds by speaking them into existence.

Jesus had not come to live on Earth, yet.

After the big fall, ALL FLESH became sinful again by doing really wicked weird things. God planned to cause a great flood on the whole Earth to destroy all the wicked, evil creations. He found 8 righteous people and called the animals two by two to fill the Ark.

The second batch of Fallen Angels was the 200 Watcher Angels who were once good angels but became fallen nephilim when they committed a great sin on the Earth. After Adam and Eve fell, God sent these Watcher Angels to show mankind how to grow food, make shelters, start fires to cook and for warmth, nets to fish, dig for metals to make tools, dishes, and weapons, how to make clothes, jewelry, furniture from wood,etc. Eventually, these good Watcher Angels fell from grace when they lusted after and raped the fair women of the earth for pleasure and to start families of their own (Genesis 6).

These fair women became pregnant and they produced hideous babies that were half-human, half-angel, with elongated heads, and six fingers on each hand and six toes on each foot. The raphiam fallen angel DNA caused the offspring to be evil and grow physically very strong and tall from  25 to 350 feet tall. Google L.A. Marzuli to see these “giants’ bones” found all over the world! God punished these 200 Watcher Angels by chaining them beneath the Earth for the past 5,000 years where they wait now for judgment.


Fallen Watcher Angels raped women & produced Raphaim Giants of old. Genesis 6. Many skulls & skeletons are all over the world to prove this. When they died in the Battle of the Titans, their evil spirits became the Demons who harass the world today.

Fallen Watcher Angels raped women & produced Raphaim Giants of old. Genesis 6. Many skulls & skeletons are all over the world to prove this. When they died in the Battle of the Titans, their evil spirits became the Demons who harass the world today.

 God allows man the freedom to choose righteous over evil. He didn’t want mankind to be robots but have a choice. Once an Angel chooses evil he cannot be redeemed; but, if a man chooses evil he can repent & be redeemed through Jesus Christ’s blood.  Lucifer’s name became Satan when he caused the fall in the Garden of Eden. He tricked Adam & Eve then he inspired the Watcher Angels to violate the women to hurt God. Satan didn’t know it would cause the women to give birth to Raphiam giants. He did it to interfere with GOD’s plan to send the Messiah to save mankind from their sins.  Lucifer has been desperate to stop the second coming of Jesus Christ by killing off all the Christians and Jews around the world.

The 1/3 fallen raphiam angels are still confined to the 2nd heaven. They are allowed to enter 1st heaven for short periods of time which is the atmosphere around the Earth. These fallen raphiam angels are allowed to rule indirectly over the earth’s systems which include the governments, religions, finances, music, language, military, medicine, inventions, sciences, movies,  entertainment, schools, fatal drugs, etc. They mistreat and threaten the demons who are confined to the earth and they roam to and fro on the Earth looking for whom they can possess, harass, and devour. If Christian believers are praying, evil must slow down.

Repent! Believe in Jesus and accept Him as your Lord and Savior so you will know God and Not miss the Rapture nor a great eternity with Him.

As mankind willfully sins the wicked fallen angels are allowed to build invisible strongholds of control over small towns, cities, counties, states, nations, countries, and continents. If the non-believers refuse to repent and accept Jesus as their Savior, it gives extra punch of evil power to the fallen angels to orchestrate tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, disease, shootings,  famine, drought, etc. If Christians aren’t praying daily, evil can cause havoc through pedophiles, sex-traffickers, abortion clinics, random murders, drugs coming in, spreading diseases, and the possibility of war.

Fallen angels are allowed to build invisible strongholds of power over major cities with high influence over a large population depending on the sins in that region. If Christian are praying for the strongholds over a certain area it can be destroyed by the power of prayer by commanding the mighty host of huge angels who travel in the sky disguised as clouds.

Fallen angels can harass & control the demons on Earth to create the physical horrors for the people who miss the Rapture and are left behind during Tribulation. Certain fallen angels have access to earth in these last days because of the increase of wickedness of man. Because of Ai (artificial intelligence), the evil angels are assisting in despicable things underground like clones, hybrids, and  spacecraft that can stop on a dime or disappear through an invisible portal in the air in one second.

 Many Christian end time teachers believe the fallen angels will deceive the whole world during an earthly crisis (like a grid blackout or the rapture) by hovering over major cities all over the world with huge spacecrafts. These flying saucers are already being made from certain metals extracted from other planets that are 100 times stronger than any diamond. These deceiving angels will declare they were the ones who made the Earth and started the population through evolution and now they are back to make life peaceful again. They are assisting man right now in the thousands of below earth laboratories building the 200 million half-man, half-machine, marching soldiers as described in Revelation. These fallen angels actually think they can destroy the Son of God, Jesus Christ when He returns to Earth to stop Armageddon.


Fallen angels can change themselves to look like a man, a woman, a child, or an animal to fool people. Since demons are disembodied spirits from the dead raphaim they wear gray spacesuits to look like cute E.T. aliens when they abduct people from their beds and transport them to huge, floating laboratories in the second heaven. The lower, intelligent demons barbarously remove women’s eggs and men’s semen for petry dishes and the raphaim add their own evil DNA seed to create chimera-hybrids; example, horses with women’s long hair, teeth like a lion, stinging tails like a scorpion to use against unsaved mankind during the Great Tribulation in the book of Revelation 9. 

Through satellite, we have seen the rectangular and pyramid shaped structures on a few planets close to earth made by fallen angels.  On the Earth, we’ve seen the similar pyramids like the Mayan step towers for baby sacrifices to Moloch in 8 continents, the serpent mound in Ohio that hides the bones of giants, and huge, cubed walls of rock each made different with laser-like precision tools used by the fallen angels to empress early mankind to get them to worship them instead of the one true God which has spread all over the East.

These evil spirits have been busy abducting humans for a hundred years getting access to their eggs & semen to make laboratory creatures, clones of past and present people and creatures like Big Foot and the Lochnest Monster, animal-hybrids, chimeras (half human, half angel, half animal). They can change themselves to look like a normal person, a monster, or an animal.


Ephesians 6[12] For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.



Demons are disembodied wicked spirits from Raphiam giants who were born to the fair women on the Earth 5,000 years ago. The Book of Enoch says that many of the giants died killing each in the Battle of the Titans because the food was running out & they were eating people and the animals. The evil spirits that came out of the bodies of the dead Raphiam giants are the invisible DEMONS who haunt houses, move objects, control Ouija boards, speak suicide inside people’s head, harass and possess people. They were and are the ones who caused/cause people to do evil continually until ALL FLESH (people, animals, birds, fish) had to be destroyed in Noah’s day. They were the ones who started bestiality, the sacrificing of babies and drinking their blood for power, worshiping fallen angels as gods, mixing fallen angel DNA with animals and mankind to make hideous monsters, etc. This is why we see pictures of relief carvings of a half animal joined with a half man on walls in places all over the world especially in the middle east.

GOD had to destroy ALL FLESH with a flood except for Noah, his wife, 3 sons, 3 daughters-in-law, and two of each kind of animals. But, GOD never destroys the spirit of a man nor of an angel. When a giant died back then, their demonic spirit came out of their body & roamed the Earth. Some people believe when they die they will disappear from existence, but that’s not true. They have an eternal spirit that lives forever, just like a fallen angel and a demon have an eternal spirit.

Demons are NOT fallen angels.

The raphiam or fallen angels have their own bodies with a spirit and their own seed. A demon only has a spirit and he’s constantly looking for a body to live in or possess. God did not make the demons; the 200 watcher angels with real flesh bodies (yes a penis and seed or semen) lusted after the fair women of Earth & had sex with them to create their own families to hurt God by stopping the coming of Jesus to save the world. (Genesis 6).

The women became pregnant and many painfully delivered huge babies that grew into RAPHIAM GIANTS from 10 to 350 feet tall. The nephilim fallen angels taught the raphiam giants to mix the DNA of animals with other animals and with mankind to make weird chimera creatures we saw in Narnia. It was the evil angelic DNA that caused ALL FLESH to sin constantly, and why God had to send a world-wide flood to destroy the world, except for Noah and his family & the animals.

We still hear of this mutilation of animals today in remote areas when their sexual organs are removed with laser precision and no blood. This is the work of the nephilim for creating hybrid monsters to be released during The Great Tribulation.

When the GIANTS died off in the flood their evil spirits left their dead bodies immediately. They had to wait for the waters to recede and wait for the Earth to repopulate. Since then they have been roaming up and down in the Earth looking for whom to steal, kill, and destroy by possessing men and women’s bodies.

The invisible world of these fallen angels started soon after creation and when Adam fell. Genesis 6 says there would be more giants, afterward which is another story for later. The evil angel DNA was hidden inside one of Noah’s daughter-in-laws since he didn’t have any children until he was 500 years old. There are many Giants after the flood like Goliath who challenged the boy David but the giants weren’t as tall.

After the flood, there were male and female giants. They built ten cities around the Promise Land and produced wicked children that became giants. The fallen angels influenced the giants to kill off the Israelites. That’s why God told Joshua and Caleb at Jericho to kill all the babies, children, adults, old men, old women, and the animals because they all had the evil, angelic DNA in their blood. Satan inspired the giants to form these 10 tribes called the Hivites, Canaanites, Jebusites,  Amorites, Amalekites, etc. to take over the middle east to stop the Messiah Yeshua from coming to save the Earth from their sin, but it didn’t work.

Demonic beings have different personalities and levels of intellect with some being smarter than others. They love living inside a person they can control into doing bad things to please Satan. Inside a host they can enjoy eating, drinking, taking dope, mistreating people, killing, pornography and having sex. Their mission is to kill, steal, and destroy humans. If you’re hearing voices in your head, it’s demons.

If you buy something in a witchcraft store that has a curse on it, or certain incense sticks or a ceramic Buddha, a Harry Potter book or sword or an Ouija board game, or an Indian prayer catcher, or a voodoo doll, etc. it gives an accompanying demon permission to follow you home and cause much havoc, sickness, insanity, depression, move objects, etc. in your house. The demon will have his wicked fun with you until he causes bigger problems that could lead to your death if you don’t know how to fight them off spiritually.

The only way to avoid demons is to believe in Jesus Christ as your savior and ask Him to come into your heart to live. Find a King James Bible believing church, read the Bible and pray daily and grow in Jesus Christ every day because Satan will attack you if you don’t. The Christian life is not easy but it’s worth having the Lord on your side, protecting, and overcoming the evil with the help of Holy Spirit who is your constant friend, guide, and comforter.

How can you avoid fallen angels, demons, the Tribulation and going to Hell?

By truly believing in Jesus Christ and that He is the sinless Son of God who suffered on the cross for you, died for you and rose from the dead.  By repenting & asking forgiveness of your sins. By asking Jesus to save you and come into your heart to live and guide you forever.Amen! Find a King James Bible believing church. Read the Bible & pray daily. If you are already saved by believing in Jesus, see you in Heaven!